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PMP10375: purpose of modified rectifier section / voltage doubler

Part Number: PMP10375

Hello Team,

We notice that PMP10375 doesn't use D1 as a normal full bridge rectifier, but it uses an arrangement to place output of two half bridges on top of each other.

What is the purpose of such arrangement? Does it help to improve any design parameter?

Kindly help with your inputs.



  • Hi Mahendra,

    Yes, I use D1 with two series connected bulk capacitors to form a voltage doubler. By doing so, I'm able to have much lower transformer primary current when compare to a converter with a full wave rectifier. With the lower transformer current, I was able to use smaller magnetics and boost efficiency. Here are two similar designs with and without voltage doubler : PMP9739 and PMP10283. You can observe the difference between efficiency and magnetic sizes.

    Sheng-Yang Yu