Help for our project TI cards selection

Dear Sir,

For developing the new project (Equivalent Bay Protection relay) i need to select the suitable modules from TI, can you help me.

My requirement is as below and its are matching as per requirement

1. TIDA-00834 & ADS8555SEVM - High speed & accuracy analog input module for 4 Channel AC Current 1 or 5 Amps and 4 Channel AC Voltage 63.5V or 110V with Zero Cross Sensing, 50/60Hz  (for my project i going to use 1 card for 4 + 4 Channels)

2. TIDA-00164 & ADS8688 - High speed & accuracy 4-20mA or 0-10V analog input module for 8 Channels (for my project i going to use 4 cards for 32 Channels)

3. TIDA-00320 High speed digital output module 2x8 Channels  (for my project i going to use 2 cards for 16 Channels) but i need suitable for Output contact voltage max 500V , 20 Amps DC Max.

4.TIDA-00557 & TIDEP-00074 RS232 & IEC 61850 Communication modules

5.TIDA-00560 LED cards 2x16 LEDs (for my project i going to use 2 cards for 32 Channels

I need help from TI based on the above selection suitable the below items to be selected.

1. High speed sensing digital input module 2x 16 Channels or 4x8 Channels , Input voltage 300V or 150 DC changeable , + - 20% Variation acceptable,Max Input delay at “0” to ”1” : 100 to 200 µs, Max Input delay at “1” to ”0” : 100 to 200 µs.

2.Time Synchronization module (IRIG or GPS)

3.HMI with RJ45 Communication module.

4. High speed Processor(CPU) , 50% loading during peak processing

Suitable to handles the following external inputs and outputs other than internal logic, HMI , Communication requirements

a. 32 Digital inputs

b. 32 Analog inputs (4-20mA or 0-10V)

c. 16 Digital outputs

d. 32 LED

e. Internal time setting for delay minimum scale limit shall be 100 µs

f. Suitable for Time synchronization , Disturbance recorder , Events and option of developing new logic

Kindly help me to select the suitable modules


Vanathi Pandi

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