PMP40025: Reg Heatsink for Switching Mosfet in PMP40025 reference design

Part Number: PMP40025

Dear All,

one of my customer working on PMP40025 design, 

Regarding heat sink for switching MOSFET: In the image given in TI Web, no heat sink is provided for MOSFET (image attached), In their rough calculations they got around 71 mW losses (including switching) .

please help to advise about heat sink for MOSFET. customer planned to use 



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  • For primary MOSFET, TO-220 package thermal resistance is 62.5 oC/W according to TOSHIBA datasheet. therefore, the temperature rise will be small. There is no need to add heat sink on MOSFET normally. What is the customer application ambient temperature?

  • In reply to David Ji:

    Hello Sir,

                    I am also working on PMP40025 for supplying 48 V switched reluctance motor with a maximum output power of 40 W. Please advise about using Heatsink.