Meet the TI E2E Gurus - John E. Stevenson

Continuing the new E2E series where we will introduce you to our TI E2E Gurus meet TI E2E Guru John E. Stevenson, Product & Applications Manager, who is very active in the Code Composer Studio Forum.

Describe your role at Texas Instruments and your history in working with the E2E community?

I lead our product management and applications team for embedded processing software development tools. Our team develops training material, product requirements and supports customers. We have been using the E2E forums since their conception.

What forums on E2E are you most active in and any tips for community members in either asking questions in them or searching for answers?

Primarily I am active in the Code Composer Studio forum. The more information that is provided in terms of versions, OS, device, emulators being used can greatly help us in responding to questions more quickly.

Any quick tips you want to share for other community members?

Searching the forums before posting a question or posting a reply is always worth the time. Often you will find that a similar question has been posted and answered. That can save you a question or if you are replying you can just include a link to the thread in your reply.

Your advice for others trying to reach E2E Guru status?

Obtaining guru status isn’t necessarily something that someone strives for, it is something that just happens because they enjoy helping people solve problems.

Now that you have made it to the E2E Guru level if you were given the opportunity to gain one more level and rise up to another status, what would you pick?


  • John, I like Oracle, but I'm holding out for Evil Genius myself. I almost had Foe talked into it before he left... I need to work on the new guys!

  • John, welcome in the slowly growing line of gurus!

    I like the Oracle rank idea too. This title can also act as a reminder that sometimes answers that are trivial and obvious for the Oracle may appear incomprehensible to 'normal' people.

    You're right, becoming Guru suddenly happens. The sooner, the less you strive for it.

    And I wish that more people would follow your advice to search the forum first. Onfortunately few do. Most are just opening a new thread (often just minutes after someone else has opened a thread with the very same topic - usually students with the same prolem with their homework) and many more use the search but then hijack a thread that is only remotely related and often enough closed years ago.

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