Meet the TI E2E Masterminds - Chris Cockrill

Today we introduce you to TI E2E Mastermind Chris Cockrill, Logic Applications Engineer, who is primarily active in the Logic Forum and sometimes also active in the Signal Switches Forum and the Voltage Level Translation Forum.

Describe your role at Texas Instruments and your history in working with the E2E community?

33 years at TI, 1 year building bombs, 6 years in Calibration lab, 1yr in Fab as metallization Tech, 5 years in Product engineering for logic devices.

20 years in customer applications support for Logic devices and signal switches.

What was the last book or film you read or saw that inspired you and that you would recommend to others?

The men who built America on the history channel. It showed how American inventors changed the world. The best part was where Henry Ford shows how you could run a profitable company and still take care of your employees.

What forums on E2E are you most active in and any tips for community members in either asking questions in them or searching for answers?

I cover the Logic Forum and watch Signal Switches and Translators Forums.