Meet the TI E2E Gurus - Tom Hendrick

Today in our Meet the TI E2E Guru Series is Tom HendrickEngineer manager, High Performance Analog, who is most active in the Precision Data Converter forum.

Describe your role at Texas Instruments and your history in working with the E2E community?

I am currently an individual contributor simply trying to pass on my collective knowledge – Tribal Knowledge so to speak – to my peers within the Precision Analog Applications community and our end customers. I’ve been involved with the e2e community since its inception in 2009.

What was the last book or film you read or saw that inspired you and that you would recommend to others?

The last book I read was “Mockingjay”, which is the third book in The Hunger Games Trilogy. Books are better than movies, so while I’m perhaps a bit late to the party, if you haven’t seen the movie, read the book(s). The last movie I saw was ‘Wreck it Ralph’ – a fun movie my wife wanted to see, so we went on a play date and left our 20 something year old kid at home with the dogs!

What forums on E2E are you most active in and any tips for community members in either asking questions in them or searching for answers?

I am most active in the Precision Data Converter forum. While searching for answers, don’t try to be too specific in your query and be sure to check out the Design Notes tab! We’ve stuffed lots of goodies in there that may not show up on the search engine.

For anyone new or starting out with areas your forums cover what resources or advice would you give them?

Surf the forum posts, note those which don’t have a definitive answer and bring them to our attention. If we (or you the surfer) can give a 100% ‘this answers the question’ response, we’ll do what we can to make it happen. I also encourage you to step up and help out where you can! Share your experience/knowledge with us and the rest of the community!

Any recent forum threads especially helpful you want to point out to community members?

No specific forum post/thread, but I really like how most of the forums have a ‘Posting Guidelines’ as sticky post/note. As in “This is the level of detail we need to help us help you…”

Any quick tips you want to share for other community members?

Don’t hold back detail – tell us what you tried, how your hardware is connected, is it a ‘proto board’ or an actual PCB? Provide oscilloscope screen shots if possible when you have an interface question… Little things like that help reduce the back and forth posts which help resolve the questions/issues sooner.

Any favorite E2E stories, threads or Blog posts?

Bruce Trumps ‘The Signal’

Your advice for others trying to reach E2E Guru status?

Don’t work the weekends – your kids and family are more important.

Now that you’ve made it to the top level at E2E, if you were given the opportunity gain one more level and rise up to another status, what would you pick?

How about ‘MentorMental’? I enjoy feeling like I’ve mentored people along the way and while it may have been a monumental task, sharing your knowledge/experience with others (and feeling like you’ve made a difference) is, in my humble opinion, a monumental feat. If that does not work – perhaps ‘Chief Cook and Bottle Washer’ will work…along with a bag of Twizzlers.