Meet the TI E2E Community - Gautam G. Iyer

Whether he is drawing inspiration from James Bond or Leo Tolstoy, playing guitar or Badminton or working to develop a S-pen based app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you will often also find Gautam G. Iyer, Sr. Embedded Engineer (R&D), helping other Community Members regularly across the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum on the TI E2E Community. Read on to learn about his beginnings from the University of Pune all the way up to what he is working on today, how he uses E2E and discover what his all-time favorite Forum thread is!

Tell us a little about your background?

It has been around 3 years working in the Embedded field. I would love to share my experience towards this wonderful path. I pursued Bachelors in Engineering (B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunications) from the prestigious University Of Pune and am a 2009 pass out. My final year i.e. 4th year project was sponsored by a company named ‘ThermoFisher Scientific’, which is an American precision laboratory equipment company that was created in 2006 by the merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific. The project that we got involved in was called “Spectrophotometer” and our motive was to design the interface between ARM7 TDMI (LPC2148) and USB for Printer interface; and also to develop an usb printer driver. The successful completion of this project decided my fate towards this field. I got recruited in Autocop (I) Pvt. Ltd. through campus drive and was appointed as Embedded Engineer (R&D). I worked in the company for 2 years and 1 month precisely; thus completing 3 automotive based projects namely Reverse Warning System (On Screen Display Based), Advanced Vehicle Tracking System (µSD Card based) and Car Park Management System Prototype. Later I got a call from one of the top ranked engineering colleges of India, MIT (Manipal Institute of Technology) for pursuing MS in Embedded Systems. I joined the course in 2011 and passed out this year in February. My 2nd year research project was an invention with Patent No. 3703/DEL/2012 named “Universal Bluetooth Lock” for both homes and vehicles. This fetched me a lot of recognition in and around my university. In April’13 I joined a company called “Swelect Energy Systems” as Sr. Embedded Engineer; we’re into renewable energy based systems (Power Electronics to be precise). This is where the story with TI and TI E2E Community starts! I’ve used MSP430 based controllers in my previous firm but getting introduced to the powerful 32-bit TMS series has truly been an enriching experience. Also, by accumulating all the free time from my previous firm and the current one I was able to complete my MBA in IT Systems and Marketing; dual specialization from ICFAI University. Currently placed in Bangalore, India’s Electronic Hub. Here are some more facts about myself:

- Embedded C/C++, J2ME and are my strengths. My hobbies are to develop apps for Windows and Android phones; Symbian previously. Currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and am trying to develop S-pen based app.
- I’m a Rhythm Guitarist *** Vocalist. I also love playing keyboard.
- I was a University level Badminton Player; currently just play for being fit!
- I’ve a younger brother whose into Commercial *** Marketing Field and currently dwells in Pune and my parents stay in Gujarat.

How did you first hear about the TI E2E Community?

I knew that every controller manufacturer do have forums to solve customer’s queries. Similarly I’d issues with ADC noise and so posted a query in C2000 Community.

How has E2E helped you since you've joined?

E2E to be very frank has improved my knowledge about controllers a lot especially the C2000 series. Firstly, I posted few queries which got solved pretty quickly, later I got immersed with the community and started answering queries. Today it feels good to say that I begin my day by logging in to the community to check for any queries to be answered or any feedback from previous ones. Solving various queries itself clears the doubts you never had!

In the future what would you like to see E2E offer that you think would be helpful to you and its community?

The community is wonderful and is like a technical family I never had; made few friends even though they live on the other part of the world! According to me Live Chat is the only option missing but implementing it would create chaos with numerous pings; so its better as it is right now.

For anyone new or starting out in the forums you are active in what resources would you point them to and/or advice would you give them?

TI development kits are very well made with excellent support for all documentations and example projects. So going through all these resources is very very important. Other than that while implementing your own idea and if one encounters an issue; forum members are always there to help you out!

Any favorite E2E stories, forums threads or Blog posts?

My favorite thread is named ‘ADC accuracy’ which was my first post in C2000 Forum, found here; that cleared all doubts on ADCs.

What was the last book or film you read or saw that inspired you and that you would recommend to others?

The latest book I read was named Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy; I felt like reading this novel after watching the movie. Heart-touching story and would recommend you guys to watch. Being a techie James Bond movies have always been very inspiring esp. his gadgets. I also love watching super heroes based movies like Avengers, Iron Man, etc., for the technology used to create amazing visual effects.

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