E2E Community Members of the Month - February 2014

The excitement and energy spilling into 2014 has been great with engineers from around the world providing solutions, collaborating and seeking help on a daily basis on the TI E2E Community. We can't thank each and every community member enough for helping to make 2014 an already great year for the TI E2E Community! Continuing our new monthly recognition program for the month of February we especially want to thank those that are recognized with our new prestigious awards. These community members have helped in any number of facets in bringing new solutions, innovation, time saving tips, help, answers and collaboration throughout the TI E2E Community in landmark fashion to kick off 2014!

You can leave in the comments notes of thanks or leave a comment on any E2E Community Member you would like to nominate for future consideration (include their E2E username and a URL/link to their E2E profile).

All recognized Community Members of the Month will receive exclusive items which can include new to market items, eStore coupons, Launchpads, E2E or TI collectibles and more.

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)
Community Member of the Month

Gautam Iyer and Jens-Michael Gross are our two Community Members of the Month for February 2014! Gautam's help on E2E is becoming so legendary that he now is often getting recognized in person! To kick off 2014 they helped out across hundreds of posts in the C2000 and Code Composer Studio Forum. You can learn more about Gautam Iyer here.

Jens-Michael Gross (E2E Profile)
Community Member of the Month

Our always insightful and always friendly community member Jens-Michael Gross, much like Gautam, stormed out of the gate helping and collaborating with community members by the thousands in the MSP430 Forum to kick off 2014. You can learn more about Jens-Michael Gross here.


Pavel Ruzicka (E2E Profile)
Analog Community Member of the Month

A huge thanks to Pavel Ruzicka for so graciously sharing their time to offer solutions and insight to community members in our Audio Converters Forum (example).

Markel Robregado (E2E Profile)
Processors Community Member of the Month

In January 2014, Markel was like a super hero and statesman helping out community members left and right across our MCU Forums and especially the Tiva™ C Series ARM® Microcontrollers Forum. You can learn more about Markel Robregado here.


YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)
Wireless Community Member of the Month

YiKai Chen, helped get our Wireless Connectivity Forums off to a fantastic start for 2014! Again and again he helped out community members that the term "Thanks YiKai" might have been trending across E2E like a Twitter hashtag. You can learn more about YiKai Chen here.


Renjith Thomas (E2E Profile)
Design Network Community Member of the Month

As a Design Network Member, Renjith Thomas, helped so much to kick off 2014 that they accounted for 2% of all DSP and ARM related forum posts for the month of January!


Bill Finger (E2E Profile)
E2E Rising Star

Bill Finger was a rising helper in the first month of 2014, primarily in the C5000 Ultra Low Power DSP Forum and as well sometimes in the C2000 Forum. We want to thank them for all of their great help and insight they've shared with other community members!

Geert de Vries (E2E Profile)
E2E Rising Star

In our Audio Amplifiers Forum,  Geert de Vries, helped to get it off to a great start for 2014 by repeatedly providing their great insight and help to other community members!

Thanks to again to all of our E2E February 2014 Community Members of the Month!