E2E Community Members of the Month - July 2014

The TI E2E Community continues to be a thriving and growing community of not only Texas Instruments employees helping others but also with engineers and customers around the world helping each other through in-depth solutions and timely collaboration! We want to express are gratitude and thanks to all those community members recognized this month spanning not only our Analog Forums but also our Embedded Processing and Wireless Connectivity Forums. 

These top users shared solutions and collaborated with others across the following E2E Forums:
Audio Amplifiers, Audio ConvertersBluetooth® Low EnergyC2000Code Composer StudioDM814x and AM387x Processors ForumDM816x C6A816x and AM389x Processors, LinuxMSP430SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx, SimpleLink™ WiFi CC3000Tiva™ C Series ARM® Microcontrollers ForumZigBee®, 6LoWPAN & 802.15.4 MAC Forum

All recognized Community Members of the Month will receive exclusive items which can include new to market items, eStore coupons, Launchpads, E2E or TI collectibles and more.

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)

Gautam Iyer continues their streak as the Community Member of the Month (so far every month in 2014 and counting)! As the top helper in the C2000 Forum they continue to offer in-depth solutions and collaboration including C2000 help in the Code Composer Studio Forum. You can learn more about Gautam Iyer here.

Pavel Ruzicka (E2E Profile)

This marks the 2nd time that Pavel Ruzicka has been recognized as the E2E Analog Community Member of the Month in 2014. Their ongoing help and collaboration in the Audio Converters Forum is greatly appreciated!

David Soto (E2E Profile)

As a top Design Network Member helping and collaborating in our DM814x, DM816, Linux Forums, we are proud to once again recognize David Soto!

Jens-Michael Gross (E2E Profile)

This is now the 4th month in a row that Jens-Michael Gross has been the top collaborator providing in-depth solutions in the MSP430 Forum. You can learn more about Jens-Michael Gross here.

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

YiKai Chen continues on their remarkable streak as the E2E Wireless Connectivity Community Member of the Month (awarded since the inception of this award and honor). You can learn more about YiKai Chen here.

Steve Hinshaw (E2E Profile)

From our Audio team comes this recognition to Steve Hinshaw for helping out in the Audio Amplifiers Forum.

Glenn Vassallo (E2E Profile)

The SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx Forum is brand new on E2E and already Glenn Vassallo has been more than generous with their time and expertise in helping get community members from around the world get up to speed!