E2E Community Members of the Month - August 2014

The main theme for our August E2E Community Member Award Winners is the increasing diversity and breadth across E2E Forums and product families that we have Community Members from around the world helping each other out. Recognized E2E Community Members this month helped out across eight Analog Forums, four Microcontroller Forums, four Wireless Connectivity Forums and several other Processor Forums.

These top users shared solutions and collaborated with others across the following 19 E2E Forums:

Battery Management - ChargersBluetooth® CC256xBluetooth® Low EnergyC2000, C67x Single Core DSPCode Composer StudioConsumer & Computing, DM816x C6A816x and AM389x Processors/etc Amplifiers & Other Linear, High Speed Data Converters, Inductive Sensing, InstaSPIN Motor Solutions, MedicalMSP430, Non-Isolated DC/DCSimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx, Temperature SensorsTiva™ C Series ARM® Microcontrollers ForumZigBee®, 6LoWPAN & 802.15.4 MAC Forum

All recognized Community Members of the Month will receive exclusive items which can include new to market items, eStore coupons, Launchpads, E2E or TI collectibles and more.

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)

Gautam Iyer is the E2E Community Member of the Month. To put that in perspective, he's won this award and recognition each and every month so far in 2014. As our continued top community helper in the C2000 Forum and Code Composer Studio Forum their in-depth solutions and collaboration continue to show how vibrant and helpful E2E and especially our Microcontroller Forums are. You can learn more about Gautam Iyer here.

Greenja (E2E Profile)

This marks the 2nd time this year Greenja has been recognized as the E2E Analog Community Member of the Month. Of late Greenja has helped out not in just one E2E Analog Forum but in seven different ones! Thanks Greenja for providing such a wide scope of Analog collaboration and support on E2E.

Adam Reynolds (E2E Profile)

As a TI partner Adam Reynolds has been providing vital and timely help in our InstaSPIN Motor Solutions Forum! Thanks Adam for all the ongoing great support.

Jens-Michael Gross (E2E Profile)

This marks the sixth month in a row for 2014 that Jens-Michael Gross has been a top Processor collaborator on E2E and especially as the reigning E2E helper in the MSP430 Forum. You can learn more about Jens-Michael Gross here.

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

Since the beginning of our new Monthly Award recognizing an E2E Wireless Community Member of the Month, YiKai Chen, has been awarded it each and every time. Their continued participation on E2E helping out Wireless Connectivity customers and Community Members from around the world has been excellent. You can learn more about YiKai Chen here.

Leo Bosch (E2E Profile)

In the E2E Microcontroller Forums, Leo Bosch, has been a long time E2E collaborator and contributor, especially in the MSP430 Forum! On behalf of our Microcontroller Community Members and customers from around the world that Leo Bosch has tirelessly helped over the years, we are very proud to recognize them as an E2E Top Helper!

Barak Cherek (E2E Profile)

Showing the diversity and breadth of the TI Wireless Connectivity Community on E2E, Barak Cherek has been a growing contributor helping fellow Community Members in the Bluetooth® CC256x Forum.

Atul Priyadarshi (E2E Profile)

A recurring theme with our recognized E2E Rising Stars for August 2014 is the diversity and breadth across E2E we find community members like them helping each other out! A huge thanks to Atul Priyadarshi for helping other Analog Community Members out in the Medical Forum!

Maulik Vaghela (E2E Profile)

Already out of the gates with over a hundred Forum posts helping others in the E2E Bluetooth® Low Energy ForumMaulik Vaghela has been a huge help and new collaborator we are glad to have here as part of the E2E Community!