E2E Community Members of the Month - October 2014

Announcing our October E2E Community Member Award Winners. Recognized E2E Community Members this month helped out across seven Analog Forums, four Microcontroller Forums, two Wireless Connectivity Forums and one Processors Forum. Thanks to all of our recognized Community Members for this month in showcasing the breadth of collaboration and support fellow Community Members can get across TI's product families on E2E.

These top users shared solutions and collaborated with others across the following 14 E2E Forums:

AC/DC and Isolated DC/DC Power, C2000, Code Composer Studio, DLP LightCommander Development Platform, DLP LightCrafter Development PlatformDLP NIRscan™ Evaluation Module, LED Driver, MSP430, New DLP Applications & Technology, Precision Data Converters, SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx, Stellaris® ARM® LM3S MicrocontrollersTiva™ C Series ARM® MicrocontrollersZigBee®, 6LoWPAN & 802.15.4 MAC

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)

Gautam Iyer is the E2E Community Member of the Month along with Markel Robregado. Throughout each and every month of 2014 Gautam has received this top E2E award! As our continued top community helper in the C2000 Forum and Code Composer Studio Forum we wish to thank Gautam for their continued participation, collaboration and solutions on E2E. You can learn more about Gautam Iyer here.

Markel Robregado (E2E Profile)

Thanks to Markel Robregado for helping out across five different E2E Forums including: Code Composer StudioMSP430, SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xxStellaris, Tiva™ C Series ARM® Microcontrollers. As a top helper across these numerous Forums in helping fellow E2E Community Members we are glad to have Markel as a part of E2E. Learn more about Markel here.

Chuck Sampson (E2E Profile)

This is the second time we have recognized Chuck Sampson as the E2E Analog Community Member of the Month (previous). As a top helper on the AC/DC and Isolated DC/DC Power Forum, we thank Chuck for their continued E2E participation in helping others!

Adam Kunzman (E2E Profile)

Thanks to Adam Kunzman for helping out across four DLP forums in New DLP Applications & TechnologyDLP LightCommander Development PlatformDLP LightCrafter Development Platform and DLP NIRscan™ Evaluation Module.

Jens-Michael Gross (E2E Profile)

The reigning top MSP430 helper on E2E, Jens-Michael Gross, continues to be the top helper for MSP430 on E2E. You can learn more about Jens-Michael Gross here.

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

Once again, YiKai Chen, is the overall top E2E Wireless Community Member of the Month on E2E! Their continued participation in the ZigBee®, 6LoWPAN & 802.15.4 MAC Forum helps out Community Members worldwide. You can learn more about YiKai Chen here.

Dennis Eichmann (E2E Profile)

Somewhat new to the MSP430 Forum, Dennis Eichmann, has shown a strong passion and in-depth knowledge for helping others. Thanks Dennis for being a top helper on E2E!

Anders Lindgren (E2E Profile)

As a Rising Star on E2E we wish to thank Anders Lindgren for their in-depth IAR help on the MSP430 Forum. Thanks Anders!

Dan O'Connell (E2E Profile)

A Rising Star on E2E in our Wireless Connectivity Forums, Dan O'Connell, has provided many timely tips and solutions for fellow Community Members! Thanks Dan!

Oleksiy Pazyuk (E2E Profile)

An Analog based Rising Star on E2E, Oleksiy Pazyuk, has helped out with their knowledge and collaboration in three Analog Forums in: AC/DC and Isolated DC/DC PowerPrecision Data Converters and LED Driver. Thanks Oleksiy!