TI Community Weekly Highlights - February 14th-20th

Exciting technology news and highlights including the latest projects from across the Texas Instruments Community!

Last week across the TI Community:

New helpful MSP application note now available with code! Thanks to  for this tip!

Covers MSP Code Protection Features:

MSP microcontrollers (MCUs) offer a number of features to help control code accessibility in the device, to add different layers of code access management and protection strategies. These include features that can lock or password protect the JTAG/SBW access, IP Encapsulation (IPE) to isolate sensitive code with different permissions than the rest of the program, and bootloader (BSL) access features for field firmware updates. This application report details some of the features available in different MSP device families and considerations that can be taken to add additional layers of protection to the device.

Check out 's (MVP and 2015 TI Community Award Winner) Element14 Blog post, Hercules™ RM57 LaunchPad Power Quality Analyzer. This post from was also just featured in the February MCU NewsFlash Newsletter.

Also from  and as well as fellow MVP and 2015 TI Community Award winner , don't miss the new photo gallery of BeagleBone Black photographs they just posted on their Spanish Language engineering community effort ElectronAplica here.

On Hackster.io don't miss these 2 new projects from Caner Alp and Chris Roberts.

Up first, Caner Alp explores the TLC5973 Led Driver MSP432 with Bluetooth.

Next, TI employee Chris Roberts posts the new project, Making Old Things IoT - IR Control. This projects features for hardware: MSP4305529 Launchpad, CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack and SeeedStudio IR emmiter grove module. For software it features: Energia and Blynk.

Congratulations to (see full scorecard) and MVP and 2015 TI Community Award winner  (see full scorecard) for being the first to complete the full scorecard for Jan & Martin Bingo.

Remember the TI Community Webinar from Simply Embedded and MVP and 2015 TI Community Award winner
on Making the most of the Value Line MSP430 with the Launchpad Explorer? They've now launched a KickStarter effort for their MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad Community driven effort here.

Full list of winners for the 2015 TI Community Awards is now available (including video of the Awards Ceremony). Full post on the 2015 TI Community Awards will be posted soon including individual profiles on the award winners themselves (all month long in March).

New TI Blog Posts:

New TI Videos: