TI Community Awards - March 2016

Thanks for helping us to build a stronger TI Community with your sharing of technical knowledge and solutions. Our TI Community Awards for March represent an amazing cross-section of customer helpers from across Analog, IoT and Microcontrollers. Thanks to all the winners and our continued reigning Overall Community Member of the Month in . For 2016 we've now recognized 20 TI Community Members with Awards including 5 repeat winners from February to this month.

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#TICommunity Appreciation Month
All month long in March is TI Community Appreciation Month. We will ongoing be giving away special prizes and featuring special content sharing TI Community member stories including profiles.

YiKai Chen is the new number 1 on E2E!
Starting off March strong with  taking over the number 1 in overall E2E points (222,000+) from Jens-Michael Gross. Congratulations on this incredible achievement!

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

A top customer helper on E2E, especially around ZigBee and Bluetooth Smart, we thank for continuing to share their knowledge here on the TI E2E Community. Thanks YiKai! Not only has YiKai Chen been helping in Wireless Connectivity Forums (Mesh networks (ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN) Forum, Bluetooth® low energy Forum, Low Power RF Tools Forum and Sub-1 GHz - Proprietary and 15.4 Star networks) of late but he's also helped on the Analog Forum for Humidity Sensors Forum.

Mike Tripoli (E2E Profile)

The technical community at E2E is vast spanning also Analog and no light shining brighter in this regard than who continues to be a top contributor in the Audio Amplifiers Forum. Thanks Mike!

Old Yellow Cow (E2E Profile)

| has been around E2E since it first launched and here they are all these years later still helping others especially in our MSP technical community (MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum). Thanks OCY!

rcfocus (E2E Profile)

Great to have community members like here sharing their over 20 years of experience with others in our Wireless Connectivity Forum for Bluetooth® low energy Forum among many others including in our Motor Drivers.

Each day we have TI Community Members from around the world sharing their knowledge and collaborating with each other. For the Top Helper Award we focus on TI Community Members who have been driving forces and leaders in our technical Community.

Janos Szeman (E2E Profile)

Thanks to for their timely help to other TI community members in the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum and InstaSPIN Motor Solutions Forum. Thanks for all your contributions and help here Janos!

Aditya BG (E2E Profile)

A Rising Star in February, has continued their E2E help and collaboration on the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum. Thanks for your ongoing help to others in the TI Community!

Clemens Ladisch (E2E Profile)

continues to be a Top Helper on E2E and for March the TI Interface team wanted to send him a special thanks and honor him with this award for their help on the Voltage Translation / Level Shifters Forum on this Forum thread. Thanks Clemens!

Our recognized TI Community Rising Star Award represents new and rising leaders across the TI Community.


Thanks to for helping across many new threads in the SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx Forum of late and sharing in-depth training videos on YouTube around CC3200 (as seen here) on their KGP Talkie video channel.