Webinar: Junk Science - Building sensors from e-waste and MSP430


With Guest Presenter Trevor M. Tomesh

This Webinar has since been held. You can watch a video recording of it here.

Learn with this exclusive Webinar on how to use MSP430 to build sensors out of everyday junk -- e.g. a pill bottle, some nails and a photo resistor pulled out of a toy. A Q&A will follow the presentation. Another exciting Webinar by TI Community Members for TI Community Members in celebrating TI Community Member Appreciation Month for March 2015!

This Webinar and workshop on March 16th will be presented by guest presenter (on Twitter here). Trevor is an MVP and TI Community Award winner who previously did the TI Webinar for "The MSP430 State of Hobbyist Microcontroller Based Graphics and Interactivity" (watch the video of it here). Trevor was also previously featured in the coolest LaunchPad photos ever - Part 3.

Can't attend live?
This session will be recorded for anyone that can't attend live. You can leave questions in advance in the comments below.

Spread the word!
Spread the word about this session on Twitter using the hashtag #MSP430 and be sure to tell your friends and co-workers who might be interested in attending it.

About Trevor M. Tomesh

“I am an academic researcher and hacker. My general interests are in 3D-printing, microcontrollers, data visualization, low-power computing, low-temperature computing, simulation, games development, open source software and complex systems. I regularly host MSP based training live on Periscope helping out thousands at a time from around the world in any of their questions.

Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Regina and I teach CS 207 - Building Interactive Gadgets. I daily teach and give sessions on TI MCU, MSP, LaunchPad and more.

I have a BSc in Physics from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.”