Real Time Player Monitoring System: Jan & Martin's Project Pick of the Month February 2016

Guest blog authored by TI Community Champions  and .

Congratulations to the project Real Time Player Monitoring System from Ravi Butani that is selected and honored as the Jan & Martin Project Pick of the Month for February 2016!

The chest strap is based on a SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip Wireless MCU module from Texas Instruments that can send data such as body temperature and heart rate with its impact sensor on the chest.

The chest module also has a SUBGHZ transceiver that allows you to have a communication module helmet and receive data.

For the helmet module, the hull has an MSP430 microcontroller, an accelerometer, SUBGHZ transceiver and batteries.

The module measures the impact that occurs on the helmet. It can also be placed in the sensor body parts to measure the acceleration of each independently.

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