The TI E2E Community turns 8 years old! Happy Birthday E2E

April 1, 2016 - The TI E2E Community turns 8 years old!

Wow it has been some journey from April 2008 to April 2016 for the TI E2E Community (timeline available here). We hope each of our Community members have benefited from this new effort from Texas Instruments and new way to get technical support, share information and collaborate with others including employees. From its humble beginnings in April 2008 until today we've grown to near 250,000+ worldwide Community members and a knowledge-base of millions of posts and readily available solutions.

Happy 8th Birthday E2E!

A huge thanks to our original E2E Community team and TI employees who were crticial and helped to pave the way for this effort to fully take off including: , Nancy Kelly, Michael Sandoval, Forrest Lymburner, , Aimee Kalnoskas, , , , , , , , Scott Roller, John Stevenson, Ki-Soo Lee, Bruce Trump, , , , , Torstein Ermesjo, , , Bob Benjamin and ... and so many more! Thank you!

Have any favorite E2E moments? Gotten help from E2E? Let us know in the comments below!

The TI E2E Community through the years

Have any pictures you would like to share? Let us know! Stay tuned as we continue to add in more pictures to this Blog post!

An E2E All-Star team photo!!! ,  and  pose after a recent meetup in Taiwan.

TI Community member  with his ElectronAplica team celebrating E2E's Birthday with MSP430 Boxing Robot Coffee Mugs!

Happy Birthday to E2E wishes from TI Community Member  today!

TI Community member  celebrates E2E turning 8 today with this screenshot E2E selfie set against his favorite part of E2E on Launch Your Designs where he can share his Hercules projects.  has also posted up today a special E2E Birthday project on Hercules Safety Library Self Test.

TI Community members with Ayan show their E2E appreciation today rocking TI LaunchPad sunglasses in Delhi, India.

TI Community member  celebrates E2E turning 8 today. You might recognize him from the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum or Code Composer Forum.

Even at the very start of the TI E2E Community,  was super active helping others!

The first E2E back in 2008.

How the search results first looked for E2E.

An early look at E2E.

Original look of Forum threads on E2E.

Previous and older Forum layout of E2E.

Blogs launch on E2E.

The MSP430 Ingenieria USAC team out of Guatemala celebrate yesterday with their prizes (MSP430 Robot Coffee mugs illustrated by ) as being selected the 2015  & Project Pick of the Year (new annual TI Community award) for this featured Texas Instruments project.

The  MSP430 Ingenieria USAC team out of Guatemala with the now famous MSP430 Boxing Robot!

TI Community member Jens-Michael Gross at Texas Instruments headquarters in Dallas, Texas, receiving his award as the 2012 TI Community & MSP430 Member of the Year.

TI Community member Luis Afonso who not only helps in E2E MCU Forums but also (as shown here with the Educational BoosterPack MK-II) helps reach out to teach future engineers at industry events as well.

Screenshot of the TI E2E Community from 2011.

The new #1 points leader on E2E and TI Community Member of the Year for 2015 in  with the Texas Instruments Oslo team.

The TI MSP Applications Team sends this special photo Happy Birthday greeting to longtime E2E helper .

TI Community member  at a TI event in Taipei, Taiwan.

TI Community member Jens-Michael Gross who is well known in the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum gets an up close look at the MSP430 History Tour in Freising, Germany, from TI employee Hans-Martin Hilbig.

C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum Team with TI Community member  (in the middle).

TI Community member  meets some of the TI Wireless Connectivity team while attending a TI event in Germany.

TI Community member  takes a break helping others on the Mesh networks (ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN) Forum and Bluetooth® low energy Forum at the TI San Diego office.

TI Community member  shows how global the TI and E2E Community is holding up this MSP432 LaunchPad in Sydney, Australia.

TI Community member gets to meet his Code Composer Studio Forum TI heroes in John Stevenson and Ki-Soo Lee.

TI Community member  receives his award as 2013 TI Wireless Community Member of the Year.

TI Community members  and Renjith Thomas.

TI Employee  who is familiar to many for their help in the TI C/C++ Compiler - Forum and Code Composer Forum.

TI Community member  with several TI Battery Management Solutions team members.

Previous TI Community Member of the Year in  who not only helps on the E2E Forums for C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum and Code Composer Forum but also at industry and TI events including this one where he met Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Remembering Leo Bosch who was one of our longest helping E2E contributors and Community members and who passed away in late 2015. Thanks for all that you did and you will be missed Leo Bosch!

TI Community Member  takes a Jack Kilby selfie! Dennis is a frequent helper on the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum and also contributed a guest Blog on tips for getting faster help on E2E.

E2E even has pets that are fans with Buck taking a selfie as part of our LaunchPad Sunglass selfie series! You will have to ask  what project Buck worked on with the Educational BoosterPack MK-II.

TI employee  poses with a MSP430FR6989 LaunchPad.

TI Community member  out of Poland holding a MSP430FR6989 LaunchPad. Lukasz covers TI across multiple publications and media including Elektronika Praktyczna and

TI Community member Jens-Michael Gross gives his feedback from the frontlines of the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum to the TI MSP team in Freising, Germany.

TI Community member  poses with a TI LaunchPad.

TI Community Member  with his best in class LaunchPad 'Stache featuring a TMS570LC43x Hercules LaunchPad.

TI Community member Francessca P recreates the  LaunchPad 'Stache photo in this tribute and homage.

Not to be left out, TI Community member  also gives his homage to the  LaunchPad 'Stache photo.

TI Community Member  takes a selfie with his favorite TI LaunchPads while taking a break from not only helping on E2E but also constantly posting online content in Spanish to help the Latin TI Community more easily learn about TI hardware and software.

TI Community member  with TI employee  at the TI CES Booth.

TI Community members Luis and Angel pose after doing a MSP430 LaunchPad workshop for their Guatemala MSP430 Ingenieria USAC Community effort.

TI Community member  helps celebrate Jack Kilby day by wearing official replica glasses.

TI Community member  demonstrates his favorite wrestling pose while holding a Educational BoosterPack MKII.

TI Community member Renjith Thomas gets awarded as the 2013 Design Network E2E Community Member of the Year.

TI Community member  with TI employees Randy Preskitt and .

TI Community member Jens-Michael Gross (3rd from the left) with TI employees Laura Mora, Hans-Martin Hilbig, Peter Spevak, Thomas Mitnacht  and Markus Pfeiffer.

TI employee  helps  celebrate his award as the Overall TI E2E Community Member of the Year for 2014.

TI Community member Francessca P poses with the Hercules™ RM42 LaunchPad™.

Super LaunchPad Man makes a rare appearance helping others on the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum learn how to stack their LaunchPads and BoosterPacks.

TI Community member  poses with a MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad at the Grand (King's) palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

TI Community member  poses with a MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad.

From TI Community member Rei Vilo comes this photo of: "a new LaunchPad user very busy connecting a cable to the right plug!"

TI MSP team members prepare to film a congratulation video to Jens-Michael Gross for his win as 2013 Overall E2E & MSP430 Community Member of the Year.

TI E2E Community Videos