TI Community Awards - April 2016

The TI Community Award Winners for April span TI Community member contributors and helpers across Analog, IoT, Microcontrollers and many more. Thanks to all of our April winners for their participation on the TI E2E Community. Your technical solutions provided and ongoing collaboration are greatly appreciated here! For 2016 we've now recognized over 20 TI Community Members.

2016 TI Community Fan Voting is already underway!
You can now vote throughout 2016 each day for your TI Community favorites! Vote here.

A TI E2E Community All-Star Team!
3 of our April Winners in ,  and  recently got a chance to hang out in person! Thanks so much to all 3 of them and for sending in this amazing photograph showing them all in great spirits!

A TI E2E Community CCS All-Star Team!
Recently  got to meet key Code Composer Forum Team members in John E. Stevenson and Ki-Soo Lee.

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

It's hard to remember a time when  (as shown above with fellow April Winners and TI Community members  and ) wasn't the TI Community Member of the Month and that hasn't changed with his latest consecutive win this month! Thanks to  for all their continued participation and help on E2E including across the Mesh networks (ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN) Forum, Humidity Sensors Forum and Bluetooth® low energy Forum.

Mike Tripoli (E2E Profile)

Our Analog technical community on E2E continues to be a vibrant one thanks to  whose continued help and contributions on the Audio Amplifiers Forum and General Purpose Amplifier & Other Linear Forum is greatly appreciated.

Dennis Eichmann (E2E Profile)

A huge thanks to  from our TI MSP team especially this month including a shout out from . Thanks for continuing to help make the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum a vibrant and welcoming MSP Community where others can help, learn and collaborate!

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)

Like other April Winners,  (as shown above with John E. Stevenson and Ki-Soo Lee) is well known for their constant participation and help in the E2E Forums they are active in. Whether it's the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum or Code Composer Forum many TI Community members are thankful for their solutions and collaboration.

rcfocus (E2E Profile)

Helping across multiple Forums on E2E including Bluetooth® low energy ForumMotor Drivers, MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum and more, we want to thank  for their continued participation and solution sharing on E2E especially in our Wireless Connectivity Forums!

Each day we have TI Community Members from around the world sharing their knowledge and collaborating with each other. For the Top Helper Award we focus on TI Community Members who have been driving forces and leaders in our technical Community.

Old Cow Yellow (E2E Profile)

Dating back to roughly the start of E2E (as shown in the screenshot below from the early days being a top contributor),  has remained a constant fixture here and beacon of rich solution sharing. Thanks OCY for all of your participation and wit over the years here on E2E and the TI Community!

Jan Cumps (E2E Profile)

With a surging YouTube video channel where he regularly posts videos walking others through his projects or tips,  continues to be a Community leader who so graciously shares information and solutions to help others. Thanks  for all that you do in the TI Community and know your efforts are very well appreciated whether blogging on Element14, posting Hercules projects in Launch Your Designs, the latest Jan & Martin Project Pick of the Month or Guest blogging on the TI PowerHouse Blog, many thanks for all that you do!