Ki-Soo Lee & Code Composer Studio Day - Thank you from all of the TI E2E Community!

Join us today Monday, April 25th as we celebrate Ki-Soo Lee & Code Composer Studio Day!


Leave a note of thanks in the comments below. You can direct thanks to Ki-Soo Lee, CCS team or share any stories in working with Code Composer Studio.

Thanks to  for kicking off #KiSooLeeDay with 5 Code Composer Studio tricks that even Ki-Soo Lee himself doesn't know and MSP432 Power Modes: real time current measurement - µCurrent vs. EnergyTrace.

Help us celebrate this day by leaving a note of thanks or sharing a CCS related project. Whether Ki-Soo Lee has directly helped you or you searched and have found helpful solutions over the years, you can say thanks. Also a great opportunity to celebrate Code Composer Studio and any notes of thanks to it or the help you've gotten. Any CCS related projects around this are also welcome (see: YiKai Chen Celebration Week for an example of previous TI Community Celebration Projects). Thank you from the TI E2E Community!

Back in April 2011, Ki-Soo Lee became the first TI employee to reach E2E Guru status (over 50,000+ points). Over the years Ki-Soo Lee has quickly become one of the most well-known and thanked TI employees as a result his tireless dedication to go above and beyond in helping customers on the Code Composer Forum.

Help Celebrate on Monday, April 25th

  • Leave a note of thanks as a comment on this Post or dedicated thread (live on Monday)
  • Tell a story of getting help from Ki-Soo Lee or CCS
  • Tell us your favorite features of CCS and what you would like to see in the future
  • Share a CCS Project in our Launch Your Design Project area (examples)