TI Community Awards - May 2016

The Texas Instruments technical Community at E2E continues to grow and thrive thanks to so many Community Members like our award winners this month that span not only around the World but also in sharing solutions across Analog, Wireless Connectivity and Embedded Processing! Thanks for helping us to grow a stronger TI Community! For 2016 we've recognized over 20 TI Community Members.

2016 TI Community Fan Voting is already underway!
You can now vote throughout 2016 each day for your TI Community favorites! Vote here.

Congratulations to new Electrical Engineer !
This month TI MVP  picked up his Electrical Engineering degree after a successful project and presentation featuring the TI Hercules LaunchPad™ Kit.

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

The  (check out his Sun May Sky Blog) winning streak as the Overall Texas Instruments Community Member of the Month continues with their win for May 2016! Thanks to YiKai Chen for their continued technical solution sharing across the E2E Forums: Mesh networks (ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN) Forum, Humidity Sensors Forum and Bluetooth® low energy Forum.

We also want to note that this month on May 5th there was a Texas Instruments Historical milestone that  celebrated in it was only a year ago (2015) that he became only the 3rd TI Community Member to ever reach 100,000+ points! A year later and they are the first ever TI Community Member Overall to ever reach and surpass 250,000+ points. Congratulations  for continuing to blaze new trails in the TI Community and on E2E!

Mike Tripoli (E2E Profile)

Thanks to continued top Analog helper  for their continued solution sharing across Audio Amplifiers Forum, High Speed Amplifiers Forum and General Purpose Amplifier & Other Linear Forum on E2E.

Dennis Eichmann (E2E Profile)

A shining example of the technical solution sharing that goes on each day in the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum and overall MSP Community. Thanks  for continuing to share solutions and collaborate with the global TI Community and especially on E2E!

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)

From the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum to Code Composer Forum helps others and touches lives each day with their patience and collaboration in reaching out to teach others and help them along wherever they are in the design process. Thanks for all that you do in the TI Community !

Robert Chen (E2E Profile)

Huge thanks to  for their in-depth solution sharing as our continued Wireless Connectivity Community Member of the Month for not only helping in the Bluetooth® low energy Forum, Low Power RF Tools Forum, Code Composer Forum and MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum. Thanks Robert Chen!

Each day we have TI Community Members from around the world sharing their knowledge and collaborating with each other. For the Top Helper Award we focus on TI Community Members who have been driving forces and leaders in our technical Community.

Clemens Ladisch (E2E Profile)

As a top helper, huge thanks to  for their continued solution sharing across the E2E Forums: MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum, Logic and Consumer & Computing Forum!

Janos Szeman (E2E Profile)

In the E2E Forums C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum and InstaSPIN Motor Solutions Forum,  continues to be a top helper! Thanks Janos Szeman!

stevenh (E2E Profile)

Thanks to stevenh from the CCS and TI C/C++ Compiler teams for their continued help and solution sharing in being a top helper for the Code Composer Forum and TI C/C++ Compiler - Forum!

Our recognized TI Community Rising Star Award represents new and rising leaders across the TI Community.

jan2809 (E2E Profile)

In the Mesh networks (ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN) Forum a huge thanks from that team to  for their in-depth solution sharing and contributions there. Many thanks!

Leo Pestanas (E2E Profile)

Thanks to  for visiting E2E not only to get help but also in stopping to help other Community Members in the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum. Many thanks Leo!

KRIS (E2E Profile)

Thanks to Kris for contributing a solution on the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum to help the MSP Community in "MSP Firmware Updates Over SPI" which then led to this MSP Low-Power Plays post, "Learn how to apply wireless firmware upgrades for MSP430 microcontrollers."

Jan & Martin's Project Pick for May 2016 will be announced very soon!

 is the TI Community Highlight Award Winner for May 2016!

The Community of  is vast, exciting and rich with technical content aimed at training others, helping others, inspiring others and project collaboration. Many cite Jan's Community work as one of their favorite destinations whether checking out his Blog, YouTube Channel, Launch Your Design Projects, Guest Blogging on E2E, part of the recurring J&M Project Pick of the Month Awards (which gave way to his illustrations for it being on a TI Community Coffee Mug in the form of a MSP430 Boxing Robot) or on Twitter. He's also led multiple Analog Webinars here and here for the TI Community. In addition  goes well beyond helpful content to a friendly face many also call a great friend. Thanks to Jan Cumps for their ever beacon of light in the TI Community and online communities where they remain active. When you think of a leader in the TI Community it's always easy to picture  and congratulations as our Community Highlight winner for May 2016!

Some of the recent Texas Instruments related content from Jan Cumps:

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