Celebrating Old Cow Yellow Week - Thank you TI Community!

From May 15-21st we celebrated and honored a TI Community Legend in !

The remembrances (like this project from Jan Cumps) poured in from Community Members around the world (see here) along with thanks during a special week where we celebrated and honored longtime TI Community Legend and Member... Old Cow Yellow (aka OCY). Even before there was an official MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum or E2E, Old Cow Yellow was active in online groups around TI MSP including a Yahoo! Group (as noted by Anders). It was great to pay tribute to OCY who has shared such a wealth of technical information and solutions to help others with TI MSP and microcontrollers over the years. Their knowledge sharing and collaboration with other TI Community Members has made them consistently stand out including their trademark with and humor. A friendly face and constant presence for so long we thank you OCY for participating and being a friend and valued member in the TI and MSP Community!

Old Cow Yellow Week Celebration Forum Thread

Notes on Old Cow Yellow:

  • Created Palo Alto Tiny BASIC
  • Member of the Homebrew Computer Club
  • In the first class inducted into the TI Community Hall of Fame
  • Near 5,000 posts on E2E
  • First helped someone out on E2E on November 23rd, 2008
  • 1st winner of the annual TI Community Top Helper of the Year Award

A look back at Old Cow Yellow Celebration Week...

Videos celebrating Old Cow Yellow

From the  OCY Tribute Project: "Bitmaps on your Eductional BoosterPack Screen with Energia"