Digital PID Control System: Jan & Martin's Project Pick of the Month for June 2016

Guest blog authored by TI Community Champions  and .

Gregory Holst made a demo to show the operation of a PID (proportional–integral–derivative controller) system (code for the project is available here). It is a device that tries to fix the position of a DC motor at a particular angle – fast, stable and repeatable.

The Project

The project runs on an MSP432 LaunchPad Development Kit. It uses a combination of timers and interrupts to generate the PWM signals to the H-Bridge motor driver.

It reads the pulses from an optical rotary encoder, and calculates the adjustment effort using a PID control algorithm. Gregory evaluates the P, I and D performance to get to a stable operation.

He explains how he gets to a good mix of the 3 factors for the best result. All for the good cause of having “... a teaching tool for the Fundamentals of Mechatronics class at Georgia Tech as part of [his] teaching practicum responsibilities.”

If you're interested in control loops and feedback systems (yes, you there who wants to design a pick & place machine for $1,000), it's worth checking out Gregory's videogetting the code for this project or visiting his website.