Super Cumps! The making of a Community legend

Super Cumps! The making of a Community legend

rocket soaring effort producing and posting highly informative how-to videos has just eclipsed 500+ subscribers on his YouTube channel (subscribe here). Ho many TI related videos? Only over 100+ and counting!

When's he's not racking up thousands of video views posting about BeagleBone, Hercules LaunchPad and GaN, or collaborating in the Hercules™ Safety Microcontrollers Forum, is also active Blogging on Element14 and Launch Your Designs. Add to that 10 Guest Blog posts on TI Blogs and several TI Community Webinars spanning Hercules and GaN sessions.

Inspiring Hand-drawn illustrations as well
If that wasn't enough to keep him busy he also produces the hand-drawn illustrations for the Jan & Martin Project Pick of the Month TI Community Awards!

Example below:

Did we say super?
During a recent Element14 Road Test, although he wasn't a part of it,  posted several helpful Blog posts to it so anyone that was participating could ramp up and get up to speed even quicker.

TI Community Highlight Award winner for September 2016
Congratulations to  as the TI Community Award winner for TI Community Highlight for September 2016! Super Cumps embodies the making of a Community legend!

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