TI Community Awards - September 2016

Yikai Chen is the TI Community Member of the Month

Congratulations to  for not only winning the TI Community Award once again as the reigning TI Community Member of the Month but also being the very first E2E Community member to reach 300,000+ points (spanning nearly 24,000 posts). This is a huge achievement and testament to their continued participation and collaboration with TI customers around the globe especially in the emerging IoT space. From the thousands upon thousands you've helped or inspired and on behalf of all the teams here at TI, thank you  for being a strong voice and leader in the TI Community and for all your efforts!

18 TI Community Award Winners for September 2016

Thanks to all of our Award Winners this month which span not only in the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum but also across several Analog Forums with help and solution sharing from  and , to Wireless Connectivity Forums on E2E from , ,  and more. We also recognize this month long-time Community members for their efforts in the TI Community including , , , , Chester Gillon and . Many winners this month like , ,  and  also stay active providing tips and how-to's on their own personal Blogs or YouTube Channels.  will soon start teaching University classes in Peru on TI hardware and software. To date for 2016, we've recognized the efforts now of over 50+ TI Community members.

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Catching up with previous TI Community Award Winners

(The Breadboard) who recently was the winner of the TI Community Highlight Award for June, recently got a chance to tour the TI Toronto office and meet with the Code Composer Forum team (including checking out the latest version of CCS 6.2.0).

John Stevenson (TI CCS), Ki-Soo Lee (TI CCS) and Peter Oakes (The Breadboard).

John Stevenson (TI CCS), Peter Oakes (The Breadboard) Ki-Soo Lee (TI CCS).

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

Mr. IoT aka  (check out his Sun May Sky Blog) is the reigning TI Community Member of the Month and recently has reached even new heights on E2E in becoming the first person to ever reach over 300,000+ points (that's nearly 24,000 posts helping others). Of late  has been active in solution sharing, helping others and collaborating across 6 E2E Forums including: Mesh networks (ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN) Forum, MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum, Temperature Sensors Forum, Bluetooth® low energy Forum, Low Power RF Tools Forum and Sub-1 GHz - Proprietary and 15.4 Star networks Forum. In addition to his E2E activity don't miss his informative and helpful Blog - Sun May Sky Blog.


Clemens Ladisch (E2E Profile)

For September especially the TI Logic team wanted to be sure we recognized the participation and solution sharing (see here) that  has been doing in their Forum helping Community members from around the world. Congratulations again for being the Analog TI Community Member of the Month. In addition to the Logic Forum,  has also been a top contributor in the Consumer & Computing Forum and helped across the following E2E Forums: Voltage Translation / Level Shifters, I2C, Other Interface, Switches & Multiplexers, Precision Amplifiers,  Automotive, and MSP Low-Power Microcontroller.

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)

With nearly 8,000 posts in the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum and near 2,500 posts in the Code Composer Forum, previous TI Community Member of the Year  continues to be a top helper and solution sharer in these Forums in helping TI Community members and customers from around the world. Thanks for your continued participation and help !

Jan Dospel (E2E Profile)

The reigning Wireless TI Community Member of the Month in  we wish to thank for their continued solution sharing and participation in the E2E Wireless Connectivity Forums, especially in the SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx Forum

Each day we have TI Community Members from around the world sharing their knowledge and collaborating with each other. For the Top Helper Award we focus on TI Community Members who have been driving forces and leaders in our technical Community.

Michel Solecki (E2E Profile)

Huge thanks to  who the TI-RTOS Forum (Read-Only Archived) team recently spiked out to me in wanting to recognize them for their tremendous help and solution sharing in their Forum. Not only are they are a top helper their but also recently they've been active also helping others in the Battery Management - Gas Gauge Forum, Mesh networks (ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN) Forum and Sub-1 GHz - Proprietary and 15.4 Star networks Forum.

Kazola (E2E Profile)

Thanks to longtime E2E Community top helper  for their recent help and solution sharing in the Bluetooth® low energy Forum.

old_cow_yellow (E2E Profile)

 personifies being a top helper on E2E as the longest tenured Community helper in the TI Community. Even to this day they remain an active helper and solution sharer in the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum.

Martin Valencia (E2E Profile)

Not only has  been active helping others on the Hercules™ Safety Microcontrollers Forum of late, but he also shared his effort making an AC Analyzer with MATLAB and a Hercules LaunchPad Hercules™ RM46x LaunchPad™ Development Kit (see here) including these videos below.  also will soon start teaching University classes on TI hardware and software: