Happy Halloween from the TI Community

Launchpad Halloween artwork from Oscar Chiu (watch the video on Oscar Draws).

Happy Halloween from the TI Community!

What TI LaunchPad will go bump in the night in the engineer labs today as we mark Halloween with special themed photos, videos and artwork from TI Community members around the world!?! Includes Energia Halloween sample code and a special LaunchPad Scarecrow.

Today marks Halloween (learn more) an annual tradition where people dress up (all manner of horror and fantasy costumes) in costumes and give away candy.

Join in the Halloween fun!

Take a photo, video or artwork with a Halloween TI theme and we will include it here.

By way of the UK comes this highly detailed illustration from Oscar Chiu of Oscar Draws and who posted this special video of it here. Thanks to  for inspiring him to do this! On a scale of 1 to 10 Halloween treats we rate this a Spinal Tap Volume 11 Halloween treat. Hooray Oscar!

Up next we have Batman ! Who is this masked man providing free sample code and fighting crime on the streets of Gotham with a C2000 LaunchPad at their side?

Up next we have a special Halloween treat from ... cream of Pumpkin stirred fresh from an Educational BoosterPack MKII complete with a dancing skeleton! Ohhhh ahhhh! Did somebody say dancing skeleton? You can get the Energia sample code for this thanks to  and make your own!

Educational BoosterPack MKII Energia Halloween sample code:


Ever see a LaunchPad Scarecrow before? Here  from Poland perfectly realizes a LaunchPad Scarecrow!

And below comes the LaunchPad Haunted House from  in Guatemala!!!