Celebrating the artwork of Jan Cumps

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A huge thanks to both  and  for continuing to provide an ongoing source of inspiration in selecting their winner each month for the Jan & Martin Project Pick of the Month. Their effort in this helps others to dream and see what is out there in showcasing the best of the best in usefulness and innovation. Not only that but a key feature of this has been the hand-drawn illustration that  does each month for it. This meticulous craft from Jan and attention to detail is nothing short of amazing and inspiring in its own right. In this Blog post we highlight and celebrate this great artwork. Cheers Mr. !

J&M Drawings

We never had the intention to put a drawing in the Jan and Martin Project Picks of the Month.
The first ones in the series were functional design illustrations.
That changed fast. The focus moved away from technology.
By episode 5, functionality moved completely to the background. And that's where it 'll stay forever.

I wanted a grunge pose for this one. Inspired by an on-line cartoon of a guitar playing robot. Two Easter eggs.

How do you draw the temperature of 1 pixel? Tribute to Leonard Nimoy.


It's not easy to draw a wheelchair just like that. This drawing called for a sense of movement and speed. I used Paralympic photo-finish captures and existing drawings of sport chairs.


Just a functional drawing of that month's design, intermixed with some electronics for good measure. When you see circuit snippets in my drawings, it often masks lack of good material.


Day and night. The paper drawing has delicate bright coulours. The new scanner I used for the first time didn't do justice to that colour pallet.


In the draft version (I don't often do drafts) the bike wheels had an uneven size. The draft ended in the bin. I turned it into a slapstick movie pastiche.


The invasive nature of Twitter. The figurine is the mix of the pose of a mother-to-be and the head of a man in despair.


Functional drawing. I'm not pleased with this one. The components that break out of the image border are a tribute to Belgian cartoonist Willy Vandersteen.


A tough subject to illustrate. If we'd base our pick-of-the-months on the ease to illustrate, this one wouldn't have made it.


The map of Antarctica behind the balloon is inspired by how we had to hand-colour the maps in our school books when we were kids.


I like guitars. Not a big Guitar Hero fan* - used their design anyway.
*I prefer Glove and Boots playing Rock Band


The boxing robot (see later) was a highlight. There's always a dip after a peak. To forget.


The robot took 2 minutes to draw. The university seal took way longer. The image has punch.


14 - 17

The first four images are a simple drawing of the project components.
The initial setup didn't include a drawing. The Visio diagram I made to explain that first project didn't work out, so I coloured the paper draft and scanned that.
You can see on these initial drawings that they are pure functional - as if you document a project for work.




*** Previously Unreleased ***


About Jan Cumps

was awarded at the 2015 TI Community Award Ceremony as a Top Helper for 2015! Jan stays active online sharing his projects on Launch Your Designs (near 20+ projects and counting), helping on the Hercules™ Safety Microcontrollers Forumtweeting, posting videos on his YouTube channel and Blogging on Element14.