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Getting Started with the TI E2E™ Community


If you are new to the TI E2E Community (a public technical Community) and you would like to learn more about its history and the many benefits that you will here, please visit our “About” page. You can read our community guidelines (here) or forum post guidelines (here).

Introduction to the TI E2E Community
This is a global public technical community, open to everyone who is interested in electrical design engineering to ask questions, share knowledge, search for solutions and collaborate with others. Joining the TI E2E Community (public technical Community) provides you with direct access to TI experts and hundreds of thousands of other like-minded engineers from around the world. 

The TI E2E Community is comprised of many collaborative segments including public technical support forums, industry blogs, videos and FAQs. Each unique channel includes various features that are designed to help meet your technical needs. For your convenience, we have provided an outline of training modules below that will allow you to learn more about how to effectively leverage the many tools found throughout the TI E2E Community. 

The following training provides you with information on how to begin participating within TI's E2E Community:

1) Signing Up & Activating Your E2E Account – To begin enjoying all of the features that E2E has to offer, you must first activate your E2E account

2) Account Settings - Guidance and direction on how to setup your member profile and present yourself to the engineering community

3) Searching for Solutions – Training on how to strategically search for answers throughout more than 1 million plus posts

4) How to Post a New Question on E2E – Detailed information on how to post new community questions, and tips on how to get them answered quickly

5) Sharing Community Content –Information on how to share interesting and relevant community content with friends and colleagues

6) E2E Content Subscriptions – Training on how to constantly stay updated on all of the community conversations that are important to you

7) Becoming Recognized – An overview of how community members become rewarded and recognized among their peers

8) Providing Community Feedback– Forum for community members to get help on using E2E, provide feedback or report bugs when using