01) Signing Up & Activating Your E2E Account

Ready to connect and collaborate with over 250,000 engineers and TI experts from around the world? A knowledge-base of over 1 million plus awaits you at E2E!

Signing up for E2E is fast! Simply either go to the homepage or any E2E page and click on the "Join" red link in the top right.

Once you click the Join link you will then be taken to the my.TI registration page. After filling out the information on this page, your E2E account will be ready and active upon your first time signing in.


Once activated, you can then begin filling out your new member profile, searching for technical solutions, asking questions and connecting with like-minded engineers.

Do you already have a my.TI account?

If you already have a my.TI account, accessing the TI E2E Community is as simple as the click of your mouse. Simply go to any page on E2E and in the top right click on the teal link for, "Login/Register." Once you've signed in at least once your E2E account will be active.

Benefits of Joining E2E

  • Large Community of Expert Engineers - Ability to connect and collaborate with over 250,000+ engineering experts who help answer technical questions on everything from pre-design/specification concerns to troubleshooting needs
  • Find Answers - Instant access to solutions! Browse and search for technical solutions, through more than 2 million plus technical forum posts
  • Industry Leading Blogs - Access and participate in over 20 TI Blogs with over 200+ Blog experts featuring industry news, trends, and hot topics in product areas such as, microcontrollers, power management, embedded processing, and low power RF & wireless connectivity
  • Stay Informed - Ability to email subscribe to products or discussions of your personal interest
  • Get Recognized - Recognition from Texas Instruments and other like-minded engineers for community contributions