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"I joined the E2E Community because I had a problem with the (then) new MSP430F5438 which I couldn't resolve based on the datasheets. I didn't find help here, however, as it turned out to be a bug in the user's guide (which was corrected after I discovered what was going on based on my own experiments).

While I was hoping for an answer, I browsed through the other threads and found many interesting discussions and challenging problems. And many of them gave me inspiration for my own improvements and new features for my firmware. Also, I like solving puzzles."
- Jens-Michael Gross - E2E Guru

"When starting my first MSP430 project, I also started to use TI's Code Composer Studio (CCS) v4 IDE. I was struggling with the linker command file (since I used IAR tools in the past for most of my projects) on creating a custom segment in flash. While I was searching for answers I hit TI's E2E community (I was not aware of it before). I posted my first question on E2E and got it answered within a few hours. Great!"
- aBUGSworstnightmare - E2E Guru

"Thanks to Tony Calabria for pointing out the D Flip Flop issues and suggesting the J2.1.  Also, thank you to TI in general for providing rapid responses through this forum.  It can be a time saver."
- John Sotack on a Precision Data Converters Forum Thread

"What you struggled with for 6 weeks, I managed to do in one day thanks to your effort."
- An E2E thread helps save E2E Community Member Claus Knudsen 6 weeks worth of work in the C67x Single Core DSP Forum

"Reading posts helps me quickly troubleshoot and get results with my own designs. People sharing their Ideas and I'm learning a lot from it."
- Igor Sherer - E2E Guru

"Thank you for this wonderful explanation. It really helped me to solve the problem."
- Daniel Morim on getting help configuring an ADS1247 in the Precision Data Converter Forum

"This is amazing Bob,

Thank you so much for this help. I will assemble it immediately and report the results.

I really appreciate it."

- Daniel Hercules on getting help connecting the ADS1118 to any MSP430 microcontroller in the Precision Data Converters Forum

"Hi Chris, Thanks for your quick response and comprehensive answer.

Great to see a forum that works so well with TI employees checking it and responding.

This does answer the question very well. The data sheet could benefit from clarifying these points and the addition of the test results and your second graph. The first graph is in the datasheet. This would help other customers.

Thank you very much."

- Robert Webb on getting help on his ADS8028 EXT REF question in the Precision Data Converters Forum

"Hi Ki.

Thank you very much for your help.

I found the problem in initialization with PSC for EDMA0.

Thank you,"

- Boris Ruvinsky on getting CCS register window EDMA_CC0 help in the Code Composer Studio Forum

"Hi Lisa,

Thank you very much for your help. I managed to install drivers for v 3.3 and complete my project using v3.3.


- Shashika Jayalath on getting help using C6713 DSK(CCS v3.1) with CCS v3.3 in the Code Composer Studio Forum

"Hi Ki-Soo,

Thank you for your response. I've taken a look at the workshop pdf you suggested and believe it will be a great help to me, especially the pages you listed. I'm going to try that and add the Terminal. Wish me luck!

Also, the link to the repository is appreciated. As you mention, while the content may be small now, I too believe it will grow and be of benefit to all of us in time ... especially newbies.

My best to you."

- Bo Dirigo on getting help finding central repository for CCS5 plugins in the Code Composer Studio Forum

"Hi Lisa,

Thank you very much for the hint. The problem is solved now. I noticed, after I opened Window menu -> Preference -> Code Composer Studio -> Build -> Code Generation tools, that the tool discovery path for the compiler was not added. After adding it, everything went fine.

Many thanks for your help"

- Mahmood AL-Imam on getting help importing a CCS project in the Code Composer Studio Forum

"Hi Randy,

Thanks a lot for the compliments. Well, to the fact, I'm just an entry-level engineer/fresher working in a small company who was assigned to work on the EDMA3 module. To say, I pretty much enjoy working on the TI DSPs. We get alot of free softwares, alot of help and support from the TI engineers. It just feels great to work and learn. I'm also looking forward in helping people who have issues related to EDMA. I also believe that by helping, we get to learn a lot.

Thanks and Regards


- Sudarshan R on getting help from TI and Randy Preskitt in the Keystone Multicore Forum