08) Adding Friends & Sending Private Messages

Adding Friends on E2E and sending them private messages is easy to do. Follow these quick steps to perform either. Please note Friend requests are dependent on the party you are sending it to accept.

The information on this page outlines: How to add Friends on E2E; How to send private messages; How to find new private messages

Adding Friends on E2E

Being friends with another Community Member on E2E allows you to keep in touch via private messages. Any Community Member that is a colleague, friend, co-worker or that has helped you out could be someone you want to consider becoming Friends with on E2E.

  1. Browse to any E2E Community Members profile page
  2. On the far right click on the "+ Connect" button
  3. On the drop-down click "Request friendship"
    1. You can write a personal note giving context to the Community Member receiving your request on why you are sending them a Friends request
  4. Once and if accepted you will receive a notification they've accepted it

Sending Private Messages

Once you're Friends with another E2E Community Member you can then send them private messages. If another E2E Community Member that you've sent a Friends request to hasn't yet accepted your Friends request, you won't be able to send them a private messages.

  1. Browse to any E2E Community Members profile page
  2. On the far right click on the "+ Connect" button
  3. On the drop-down click "Send a private message"

When sending a private message you can add in other Community Members or remove ones you accidentally included. In addition you will have the option to write a subject title (headline) and enter in a message using the E2E Rich Text Editor (for including pictures, files, code and additional formatting/styling).

Removing recipients

To remove any recipients you no longer wish to include in your private message, click on the red "X" to the left of their E2E username (as shown below).

Adding in multiple recipients to a private message

You can send the same private message to multiple Friends on E2E.

  • In the "Recipients" bar start entering (by typing) in the user ID or username of the Community Member(s) you want to include
    • A drop-down menu will appear giving you the most relevant matches
    • Be sure to only use exact matches so you don't unintentionally send a private message to the wrong E2E Community Member

How to find the User ID of a E2E Community Member

You have two options for including others in the recipients when sending a private message.

The first quick way is to start typing in their E2E username. As these can change you may want to browse to their E2E profile to ensure you are using their most current E2E username. In parentheses will be displayed the corresponding User ID for that E2E Community Member. This is especially helpful if you have several E2E Community Members as Friends with very similar E2E usernames.

The second quick way is to insert their E2E User ID into the recipients bar. This will quickly populate it with the correct E2E Community Member.

To find and locate the User ID of a E2E Community Member:

  1. Browse to their E2E profile page
  2. In the URL bar of your browser the numeric numbers after "members/" will be their E2E User ID (as shown below)

How to find new private messages

Now that you've learned how to add Friends on E2E and send private messages to them. Now let us focus on how you can find new private messages.

Depending on your E2E settings you could receive a system email notifying you of a new private message or reply to an existing conversation.

System emails notifying you of new private messages (new conversations or replies to an existing conversation) will have the following syntax in the email subject line:

"E2E Username sent you a private message: Title of private message"

New alerts making it easy to tell when you have new private messages

In addition to system emails you could receive an in-system "live alert" in the conversation bubble icon (top right). If there are no new private messages it will appear as solely gray. Any new messages will contain a red bubble with a numeric value for the total number of new private messages (including replies to existing conversations that you currently have unread).

Private Message Conversation Bubble (in the top right when logged into E2E) - Displayed with zero unread private messages

Private Message Conversation Bubble (in the top right when logged into E2E) - Displayed with 2 unread private messages

In addition to showing a numeric value for any new unread private messages above the conversation bubble, should you also have any other new "live alerts" around your Forum, Blog, Friend or other E2E Activity (these are displayed in the lightning bolt icon to the immediate left of the conversation bubble) it will total the numeric value of total unread private messages with total number of new "live alerts" and put the overall total in parentheses in the title bar of your open E2E browser tab. This is convenient as should you want to remain logged into E2E and not having to keep checking your email to see if you have new activity or private messages you can quickly look at this Browser title bar to see if it's showing any numeric value in parentheses (if it's blank then you have no new E2E activity).

Note: If you disconnect from your Internet connection or similar situations you may need to refresh/reload the browser tab you currently have E2E open in to then re-sync it in order to see if you have any new "live alerts" or private messages.

Viewing private messages

Viewing private messages is easy when logged into E2E. Private messages are grouped by conversation. A conversation can include the original private message between you and a recipient(s) and also all replies to it.

  1. Click on the conversation bubble in the top right (when logged in)
  2. Click on the message you want to read (use the scroll bar on the right to navigate to previous conversations)Click on "View All" in the bottom left to open into a full conversation page (you will then be able to see the full conversation (original private message and all the replies) and on the left-hand side a running list of new and previous conversations
    1. Any unread messages will be colored in a teal (light blue) color
    2. Any read message will display with a white background
  3. You can click on "New Message" in the bottom right to send a new private message (since this will be a new conversation you will need to specify recipients from those that are your Friends on E2E and a conversation title and message)

Each pane displays:

  • Teal color background - Private message or latest reply is unread
  • White color background - Private message or latest reply has been read
  • E2E Avatar on the left for the last person to reply (or first person if it's a new private message)
  • E2E usernames of those currently recipients in the private message including yours
  • One to two lines of text from the latest reply or from a new private message
  • A time stamp underneath the message text with how long ago that private message was sent