MCU Stellaris LM3S: Introduction to Microcontrollers

Introduction to Microcontrollers (EE319K)
Professor Jonathan W. Valvano, University of Texas at Austin

TI Processor / Hardware Used: TI Stellaris LM3S1968 Evaluation Kit based on ARM Cortex-M3
Software: TI Code Composer Studio, ARM Keil RealView

Materials are in the English language.

In this course students discover how the computer interacts with its environment. Students have hands-on experiences of how an embedded system could be used to solve EE problems. The analog to digital converter (ADC) and digital to analog converter (DAC) are the chosen mechanism to bridge the CE and EE worlds. EE concepts include Ohms Law, LED voltage/current, resistance measurement, and stepper motor control. CE concepts include I/O device drivers, debugging, stacks, FIFO queues, local variables and interrupts. The hardware construction is performed on a breadboard and debugged using a multimeter. Software is developed in assembly and in C for a ARM Cortex-M3 using the TI Stellaris LM3S1968 Evaluation Kit.

This course was updated to incorporate the ARM Cortex-M3 tools in 2012. The course utilizes the textbook: Volume 1, Introduction to the ARM Cortex-M3, ISBN: 978-1477508992 by Professor Valvano. The textbook examples can be accomplished with either the LM3S1968 or the LM3S811 development kits.

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