MPU Sitara BeagleboardXM: 32-Bit Embedded Linux Course

32-Bit Embedded Linux Course (ECE497)
Professor Mark Yoder, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

TI Processor / Hardware Used: BeagleboardXM from based on TI Sitara DM3730 with ARM Cortex A8 MPU + DSP
Software: Various Linux Distris

Materials are in the English language.

This course provides a brief introduction to Linux on a 32-bit embedded processor. Detailed study of what happens from power up the fully running X-Windows. Adapting Linux to a given application including: boot time reduction, power management and root filesystem support. Streaming media on an embedded processor. Using a DSP co-processor to improve performance. A series of over 19 lab assignments and then a design project are completed. Previous Linux experience not required, but helpful. C programming, operating system and hardware experience required.

This course was was developed by Professor Yoder for use in an undergraduate curriculum or for masters students but can be very helpful for anyone who would like to get started with the open hardware platform BeagleboardXM. The course utilizes the open source website and the instructor desires feedback from others with interest to use the materials or teach with 32-bit embedded linux.Please join the community discussion and contact us.

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