MCU MSP430: eZWSN - Experimenting with Wireless Sensor Networks

eZWSN - Experimenting with Wireless Sensor Networks using the eZ430-RF2500

Thomas Watteyne, University of California, Berkeley

TI Processor / Hardware Used:  MSP430 eZ430-RF2500
Software: TI Code Composer Studio, IAR Development Environment

Materials are in the English language.

Through this series of fully hands-on labs, you will explore Wireless Sensor Networks from an experimental point of view. No prior knowledge is needed, other than (very) basic C and some wireless networking theory. After this tutorial, you will be able to program a microcontroller (in this case an MSP430) and a radio chip (in this case a CC2500), and to implement state-of-the-art communication protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. 

This course was was developed by Thomas Watteyne and implemented at University of California Berkeley and placed as a collection of modules on Connexions. The Connexions materials forms a lab manual with 7 labs building up to a complete wireless network.  The materials can be printed as a lab manual from the Connexions website or re-used into a new collection of anyone's making on the website.  Reuse of modules and adding of new materials is easy, making a customized lab manual or textbook automated.  

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