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Oscilloscope Tutorials


With many hands on curriculums, fundamental bench skills are a portion of the coursework.
Ranging from Webinars, Paper Tutorials, Product Demos and even a Poster and Pocket Guide!
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Below are available tutorials from Tektronix.

Oscilloscope Tutorial Learning Center- By Tektronix

These oscilloscope tutorials will help you learn more about oscilloscope basics -- from key industry definitions to fundamental measurement concepts, such as how to use an oscilloscope and how an oscilloscope works.

You can also access more intermediate information about different oscilloscope applications, including serial data, power measurement, SDRAM, and more.

Course Material
NEW! Oscilloscope Primer
This recently updated 60-page XYZs of Oscilloscopes Primer provides a good tutorial for understanding oscilloscope basics and operation. It explains fundamental concepts including the importance of signal integrity, how an oscilloscope works, how to interpret waveform measurements and more. Get your new copy now!
Oscilloscopes Beginner's Guide
Probes Primer
Probes are vital to oscilloscope measurements and critical to measurement quality. This 48-page ABCs of Probes Primer explains everything you should know about probes -- from the different types of probes and their benefits to selecting the right probe for your application, advanced probing techniques and more.
Oscilloscope Accessories Beginner's Guide
Oscilloscope Poster
This poster visually shows the basic features and functions of the oscilloscope including tips for capturing your signal and advanced triggering.
Oscilloscopes Beginner's Guide
Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation
This primer is designed to help you understand the common aspects of serial data transmission and to explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies.
Serial Data Intermediate Guide
Fundamentals of Floating Measurements
This guide will provide you with a fundamental glossary of power measurement terms, explain the different options available for making floating measurements, and highlight the advantages and trade-offs of each option.
Power Intermediate Guide
Fundamentals of SDRAM Memory Primer
This 23-page primer provides a comprehensive overview of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) concepts, presents potential future DRAM developments and offers an overview for memory design improvement through verification.
Memory/DDR Intermediate Guide
Fundamentals of Signal Integrity Primer
The purpose of this primer is to provide some insight into signal integrity-related problems in digital systems, and to describe their causes, characteristics, effects, and solutions.
Signal Integrity Beginner's Guide
Pocket Guide to Oscilloscopes
This pocket-sized guide explains fundamental test and measurement concepts, including how an oscilloscope works and tips for capturing your signal.
Oscilloscopes Beginner's Guide
Power Measurement & Analysis Primer
This primer focuses on switch-mode power supply design measurements with an oscilloscope and application-specific software.
Power Intermediate Guide
Introduction to Mixed Signal Test Solutions
This guide will help you understand the differences between an oscilloscope, a logic analyzer and a mixed signal oscilloscope, and which instruments are best suited to different applications in mixed signal environments.
Mixed Signal Test Beginner's Guide
Debugging a Mixed Signal Design with a Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
A typical embedded design often incorporates various types of signals - analog, digital, serial and parallel buses, just to name a few. Discover how to quickly debug today's complex mixed signal designs with the powerful capabilities of the Tektronix MSO Series.
MSO4000B, MSO2000 Intermediate Guide
Troubleshooting Tips Guide for MSO/DPO
Today's engineers and technicians face increasingly complex and critical troubleshooting tasks. Learn how to troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately with the Tektronix MSO and DPO Series oscilloscopes.
MSO/DPO Intermediate Guide
Troubleshooting Tips Guide for TDS1000/2000B
Includes instructions on getting started, checking for signal integrity, documenting results, analyzing waveforms and more.
TDS1000/2000B Intermediate Guide
Troubleshooting Tips Guide for TPS2000
Includes how to measure 3-phase voltages and currents, power design switching losses, power harmonics, phase relationships and more.
TPS2000 Intermediate Guide
Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter
Timing jitter is the unwelcome companion of all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. This paper focuses primarily on jitter in electrical systems.
Jitter Intermediate Guide

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