3 Channel Crossover

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Introduces software development for Digital Signal Processing Embedded Hardware. Covers data sampling, quantization and its digital representation: fixed-point vs. floating point. The effect of quantization of infinite precision of input data is reinforced in various laboratory exercises using input/output of audio data. The concepts of event handling and basic signal processing functions such as low-pass and high-pass filtering are also introduced.

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Audio Processing, DSP implementation, Channel Crossover

Course Material
  • Ch0-CourseInfo.pptx
  • Ch1-Introduction to DSP's.pptx
  • Ch2 Complex Algebra Review1.pptx
  • Ch3 EVM_OMAP_L137.pptx
  • Ch4-Discrete-Time Signal Processing Framework.pptx
  • Ch5-Audio Processing Problems and Solutions.pptx

More Information

Dr. Veton Këpuska:  After over 20 years of R&D work in Speech Recognition area, has solved fundamental speech recognition problems for spontaneous user interfaces. His patentable invention is a fundamental contribution to pattern matching and speech recognition. He earned a PhD degree from Clemson University and presently he holds 2 patents in the speech recognition area. Dr. Këpuska has authored or coauthored over 30 NSF proposals. His published work consists of 1 book chapter (Wake-up-Word Speech Recognition), over 15 journal and 30 conference publications