3-Channel Active Crossover

Microcomputer Systems I (ECE-3551)
Dr. Veton Kepuska
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne FL


Author: Robert Sheffield
Date: Fall 2012

The purpose of this project was to create a 3 channel crossover. A crossover, or “preamp”, is a device that is used in audio systems. Before digital took over the basic way of filtering your signal was to send it through an analog crossover. This device contained a high-pass filter, a band-pass filter, and a low pass filter. Most of these devices were adjustable as far as the gain for each filter. A single 5V RCA cable leaving a car stereo would connect in to the crossover and 3 sets of cables would leave. This filtering happens while the signal is very small and has not been amplified yet. The three sets of cables leaving the device would then go to different amplifiers or different channels on the same amplifier in order to be amplified to a useful level. The use of these crossovers was to make the speakers that one was using only receive the frequencies that they could handle. For example the bass frequency that would be sent to a set of subwoofers would be less than 500 Hz. This way the power could be used to only deliver clear bas frequencies from these speakers. 

Files Included

  • C Code for DM6437
  • Project Presentation and Report