Delay Based Modulation Effects and Recording

Microcomputer Systems I (ECE-3551)
Dr. Veton Kepuska
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne FL


Author: Michael Schloz
Date: Fall 2012

The Spectrum Digital OMAP-L137 Evaluation Module has been used this semester to investigate the methods of digital signal processing, specifically for audio processing. The lectures provided background and theory while the labs applied and reinforced applied coding with hands on examples. To illustrate what has been learned this semester, I will use this development board to create some delay based modulation effects used by many composers and audio engineers today.  As well as being able to record audio to the development board, playback the recorded audio as well as reverse playback, and being able to change the pitch of the recorded audio. 

Files Included

  • C Code for DM6437
  • Project Presentation and Report