Audio Effects on the DSP

Microcomputer Systems I (ECE-3551)
Dr. Veton Kepuska
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne FL


Author: Imaette Ekere
Date: Fall 2012

The Original Idea was to create an adaptive filter to work like both the high pass and the

low pass. Adaptive filter was supposed to work by self-adjusting its transfer function according

to an optimization algorithm driven by an error signal. But, this didn't pan out so I resorted to

doing a project that focused on Audio effects. In this project, I used the High Pass filter, Low

Pass filter, Pass through (to recognize the baseline), Record, playback and Echo effect. This is a

compilation of various labs taught in this class with a little extra work put in.

Files Included

  • C Code for DM6437
  • Project Report and Presentation
  • Video Demo