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Project Repository
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Laser Smoke Detecting System using MSP430G2553

1325.paper.pdf University: Kyungsung University Team Members: 강현곤, 박성우, 한성희 Project...
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MSP430F5529 and CC3100 Temperature Sensor and Output to Web

Please note that once you submit your project, it may take up to 48 hours to publish live to the project...
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by 1041
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TIIC2015- FireTec

University: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Team Members: Rebecca Foth, Robert Layton, Aaron Petrek...
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by 387
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비접촉식 포인팅 장치(Contactless Finger Move Capturer)

4035.contactless finger move capturer.pdf University: Kyung Hee and Sungkyunkwan University...
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by 518
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Hardware AES on MSP430

University: MSRIT, Bangalore, India Team Members: Gowrav L, Punith Kumar, Abhiram L S TI Parts Used:...
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