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Project Repository
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[Korea] lm4f120기반 스마트 음향제어 시스템 (서강대학교)

University: sogang Team Members: Jongho Won TI Parts Used: lm4f120 Project Description...
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TI IC Design Contest North America: Electrocardiogram communicated with android platform via Bluetooth

Universidad: Instituto Politecnico Nacional Miembros del equipo: Manuel Said Torres Gonzalez Juan...
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[Interactive Light Saber] User Interactive playing device drived by user’s intention

University: Hanyang Univ. Team Members: Taehong Kim(김태홍), Young-Joon Kim(김영준), Dong-Hyun Yoon(윤동현), Seong...
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[Korea] The control of hardware using EMG signals(Gachon Univ)

5672.130930_tiic korean mcu design contest 2013_final report form_v01_final.docx University...
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[Korea]MCU learning kit of two species using TMDX28069USB(충남대학교)

Project Description 본 작품의 목적은 MCU를 처음 접하는 사용자가 정해진 커리큘럼에 맞추어 학습할 수 있는 키트를 만드는 것이다. 사용자는 본 작품을 통해 저...
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