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Project Repository
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3륜 steer-by-wire 바이크

Texas Instruments innovation challenge Korean MCU design contest 2013 최종 리포트 3 륜 Steer-by-wire...
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A Wireless Sensor Node Powered by a PV/SuperCapacitor/Battery Trio

University: University of Toronto Team Members: Matthew Martino, Jordan Varley TI Parts Used: BQ25504...
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An Acceleration Sensor type Game System for Spine Training

3750.paper.pdf University: Soonchunhyang University Team Members: 정화영, 한관희, 김영신, 최선욱, 백진옥 ...
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Apnea Detect using Multi-channel Conductivity and Image Monitoring Measurement System

8562.paper.pdf University: Kyunghee University Team Members: 하규창, 조우진, 신호연, 김소연, 김범준 ...
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Ball on Plate Controller Using LQR

University: Chonnam University, Chosun University Team Members: Jiwoong Yoo, Daehan Jang, Jeongmoon Yeom...
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