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Project Repository
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[KOREA]MSP430G2553을 이용한 광역연기검출기 개발(경성대학교)

University: 경성대학교 Team Members: 강현곤, 박성우, 한성희 TI Parts Used: MSP430 LaunchPad Project...
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[Korea]Quad Copter hovering using image processing(CNU)

Project Description 최근 들어 급속하게 이루어진 알고리즘의 발달과 프로세서 성능 향상은 많은 장비들의 무인화를 초래하였다. 특히나 무인 항공기의 발달은 탐사,...
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by 491
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2D Interactive Surface

University of California, Davis Team Members: Michael Sticlaru, Josh Garrison, Alisson Li, Siyuan “Peter”...
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by 1416
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2-Dimensional Interactive Surface/Table

University: University of California, Davis Team Members: • Michael Sticlaru - mdsticlaru@ucdavis...
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by 916
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3D LED Connect Four

University: The University of Texas at Austin Team Members: Megan Ruthven and Zack Lalanne TI Parts Used...
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