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TI is dedicated to helping tomorrow’s engineers dream big, today. The TI University Program offers educators discounted tools, free products, and lab donations so students can learn TI technology in teaching labs that are smarter and more fun. From teaching materials to design projects, our advanced Analog and Embedded Processing technologies fuel the passions of students and educators in more than 4,000 universities worldwide. Discover the TI tools, products and resources that will help you push the boundaries and explore new horizons.
  • Find out if moo won the cowntest!

    C.P. Ravikumar Texas Instruments T he Massive Open Online Course on...
  • टी आई आई ई सी २०१४!

    सी पी रविकुमार टेक्सास इंस्ट्रूमेंट्स पिछले साल हमने एक प्रयोग किय...
  • TI India Educators' Conference - 2014!

    W e are getting ready for holding the second TI India Educators' Conference...
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