Seminar at Karpagam College of Engineering

I visited Karpagam College of Engineering on July 5 and delivered a seminar on "Trends in Electronics and Communication" for the students of Electronics and Communication Engineering. There was a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the audience.  One of the trends in electronics today is open-source platforms. Texas Instruments has supported several open-source embedded development platforms, such as Beagleboard and Beaglebone. Recently, Beaglebone Black was released to the user community. Beaglebone Black is based on Texas Instruments "Sitara" microprocessor and is a singleboard computer at an incredibly low cost of $45. The Beaglebone Black supports Unix operating system. A book "Bad to the Bone - Crafting Electronic Systems with Beaglebone and Beaglebone Black" authored by Steven F. Barrett and Jason Kridner is now available, published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers. The book contains a number of examples of systems that can be built from Beaglebone Black, including intelligent robots. You can also learn how to use analog sub-systems in conjunction with the Beaglebone Black to build complete systems. When you visit the website for the book, do explore the "Download a Free Sample" button!

We will be happy to support Beaglebone Black as a platform in Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge: India Analog Design Contest. 

I was pleased at the interest the students of the college showed in taking part in the design contest. A large number of hands went up, when I asked them how many of them are thinking about enrolling in the contest.  This is a good time to start thinking about writing a proposal. The blogs that I have listed in may be a good place to start! The proposals are due by August 15.

My thanks to STEPS Knowledge services for this visit. I thank the management of the college for facilitating the seminar.

  • Sir,

        We are using the beagleboard xm for our tiiadc contest platform, and right now we are facing some problems about how to connect it to the matlab beagleboard supprt package installed in out laptop, can u please guide us as to the correct procedure to connect it or refer to somebody who might help us. Thanks in advance

    Saswata Das

  • Saswata, please post your query in the contest forum, here is the link -

    if you have already posted your query in the forum, please be patient.


    Today i tried to upload my phase 1 report which was in a valid doc format. When tried to upload it has not accepted stating it is not  in valid format.  therefore may i request for extention of time for uploading my report.