Diwali Contest - 2013

The Diwali contest which we announced in October has come to a dazzling finish! Read these blogs to find out who the winners are!


We also invite you to read a Hindi version of this blog!


Please make sure you watch the videos of the project submissions - the links to these videos appear in these blogs. Do share these links with your friends on the social media. Your comments are welcome! If you could not take part in this contest, don't worry, there will be more opportunities like this one!

Do watch these three videos of Diwali projects carried out by employees of Texas Instruments, India!

    Chekuri, Kalyan Chakravarthi and Narayanan Prakash – The Zameen Chakkar!

    Rahul Kulkarni – Diwali Lights

    Zahir Parkar, Shekhar Patil – The Rocket Launcher!