TI India Educators' Conference - 2014!

We are getting ready for holding the second TI India Educators' Conference during April 4-5, 2014.  If you have not attended TIIEC 2013 that was held in April 2013, we invite you to visit http://www.tiiec.in/ and to read a blog entry about the conference. The conference was held in cooperation with IEEE Bangalore section and the Bangalore chapter of IEEE Circuits and Systems society. The proceedings of the conference have been published in CD-ROM format by IEEE.  Soon, a selection of papers presented at TIIEC 2013 will become available from IEEE Xplore; we will notify you as soon as IEEE confirms that the papers are uploaded.

TIIEC 2014 will have some things common and some things different when compared to TIIEC 2013. Our experience with TIIEC 2013 has convinced us that such a forum is needed to showcase innovative projects being built by Indian students. We had built a "feedback wall" at the conference and asked the participants to scribble their thoughts on the wall. Towards the end of the conference, the writing on the wall was clear - the academic community had given a thumbs-up to the event. The exhibit booths were the biggest attractions in TIIEC 2013.  "I learnt that it is not enough to make a working prototype. I observed that many teams have paid attention to the aspect of packaging and have made an impressive product," said one of the student participants who took part in the conference.

An industrial leader who went around the exhibit booths was overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of the projects on display.  The projects touched so many application domains - alternate energy, home automation, security, safety, healthcare and robotics to name a few. "I am very impressed by the innovative thoughts that have gone into these projects," the leader told me. "I can see that these students are very bright and have learnt a lot through practical design. The quality of these projects is very impressive!"

Several teachers who attended the event expressed their appreciation to us for the opportunity to showcase talent. "It has been an eye opener for me," said one teacher. "This event has inspired me to encourage my students to do similar projects."

We are fueled by such words of encouragement. TIIEC 2014 will also have a strong exhibit program; details will emerge over the next couple of months. We will also retain the paper presentation tracks. The "Call for Papers" is now available! Visit the following website to download it.  You must submit your manuscripts at this website. [Note: if you are taking part in the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge: India Analog Design Contest, there is no need for you to separately submit your work to TIIEC 2014. We will automatically consider these submissions.] If you are considering submitting a paper, please note that your paper must report a project that you have carried out on Texas Instruments platform.  To make it easier for you to submit your manuscripts, we are only seeking foils that bring out the salient points about your work; if your manuscript gets selected for presentation, you will be requested to submit a complete manuscript. Please ensure that your foils bring out the innovation in your project. In particular, reviewers will look for the innovative use of TI semiconductors in your project.

TIIEC 2014 will also be held in cooperation with IEEE Bangalore section and the Bangalore chapter of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. We thank these organizations for their cooperation.  We do intend to once again work with IEEE and bring out the compendium of a selection of papers presented at the conference in the a CD-ROM format; we will also work with IEEE for archiving selected papers on IEEE Xplore.

TIIEC 2014 will also be a great place to network with educators, professionals, and students who share your passion for innovation through the use of semiconductors. A limited number of exhibit stalls will be available for companies that wish to showcase their products in the space of engineering education.

Of course, you can expect a glittering award ceremony as the grand finale of TIIEC 2014 - winners of the national-level contest (Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge - India Analog Design Contest 2013-2014) will walk away with prizes. Who will be those winners? Only TIIEC 2014 can reveal!

We are excited about TIIEC 2014 and look forward to receiving your submissions!