Good news for MOOC Participants!!

C.P. Ravikumar, Texas Instruments

If you have enrolled already in the EdX MOOC on "Embedded Systems" (see my blog here) then I have some good news for you! Read on!

You already know that the "launchpad" based on Texas Instruments TIVA microcontroller platform is being used in the hands-on experiments of the MOOC. We are enabling the large number of students who have enrolled from India into the course through a discounted price on the Launchpad. Here are the details!

Step 1: Visit the eStore -

Step 2: Order the product EK-TM4C123GXL (TIVA Launchpad). [Do not order any additional products as part of this order.]

Step 3: Specify the Coupon Code "TIVAEDX" to avail 10% discount.

eStore allows you to use several payment methods, including credit cards. 

This offer is only applicable for students/teachers from Indian Universities. Only one launchpad can be ordered at a time. The offer is valid on a limited number of launchpads - so you will have to hurry. The coupon is valid frrom Jan 22 to Feb 2.  Since India time is ahead of US time by about 12 hrs, you may be able to order this only after midnight today (Jan 22).