[Korea] The control of hardware using EMG signals(Gachon Univ)

5672.130930_tiic korean mcu design contest 2013_final report form_v01_final.docx

University: Gachon Univ.
Team Members: Jin-young Cheon, Jeongdae Yun, Joseph Nam, Heewon Yoon, Dong-gyu Kim
TI Parts Used:

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  • Part 1 Stellaris LM4F120XL
  • Part 2 INA333

Project Description

The purpose of this report is that we analyzed electromyogram which was gotten from muscles influenced by movement on the wrist and control hardware with the 4ch EMG circuit for getting original signals from wrist motions, labeling each hand motion. Using labeled motions we can control directions of hardware where we want.

In this project, our team used the Stellaris Launchpad and its own example projects to control the hardware for saving cost and time.

  • Controlling PC or smart phone
  • HID protocol
  • Using EMG signals