TI IC North America: Motion Path Analysis Tool for Cerebral Palsy Patients - Rice University

University: Rice University 
Team Members: Team DeXcellence (Shaurya Agarwal, Sonia Garcia, Allison Garza, Vivas Kumar, and Andrew Schober)

TI Parts Used:

  • BQ24230
  • TLV70033 (x2)
  • TSP22945
  • CC2541

Project Description

Cerebral palsy is a congenital non-progressive disorder that causes physical disabilities in motor development through damage to the motor control centers of the brain and affects over 10,000 infants each year. The disability most commonly affects the upper extremities and requires physical therapy or corrective surgical procedures following extensive evaluation of the patient to try and improve the condition. However, evaluations are typically subjective and difficult to carry out uniformly across patients due to the lack of standardization of motion in the upper extremities. We are Team DeXcellence, an interdisciplinary team of students from Rice University. We have successfully designed and created an innovative evaluation tool that can quantitatively asses the motion path of individuals having upper extremity impairments in dexterity and motor capabilities. With this device, physicians and physical therapists will have a means to assess patients’ limitations before surgery, as well as their progress and improvement over time after surgery or therapy. 

  • A “smart” peg that utilizes an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to capture the patient’s motion in 9 axis
  • IMU captures accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer data
  • Wireless transmission of data via the TI CC2541 from the peg to a host computer
  • Two custom intuitive exams that test for smoothness and accuracy of motion
  • An extended Kalman filter algorithm to analyze the data captured by the IMU
  • An intuitive, Python­ based graphical user interface (GUI) for the physician.
  • Completed solution that provides physicians with a quantitative means for evaluating upper extremity motion
  • Has the potential to be expanded to other conditions in addition to Cerebral Palsy

Resources and User's Guide

The following can be found here:

  • Project cover sheet
  • Project report
  • Matlab Code for Extended Kalman Filter and GUI
  • BGScript Code for BLE113
  • User Guide

Watch our Demonstration

Team DeXcellence Demonstration Video