TIIC 2016 North America: TrackRx

University: Purdue University
Team Members: Everett Berry, Manik Singhal, Jacob R. Stevens, Erik Swan
TI Parts Used: 

  • CC3200MOD
  • DRV8832-Q1
  • TPS61291

Project Description

TrackRx is a wireless, internet-connected pill bottle designed to solve the adherence and abuse problem, designed by a four-member team in one semester for Purdue University’s ECE 477 Digital Systems Senior Design Project Course. It makes it easier for patients to take their medication correctly and harder for them to abuse prescription medications by dispensing a single dose of medication at a time and providing medication adherence data in real-time to the patient’s pharmacist, doctor, and other caretakers. Along with the pill bottle itself, the TrackRx system consists of an Android app for the patient, a desktop application for the pharmacist/doctor, and a backend database and cloud service to communicate with the bottle and applications and securely store patient prescription and adherence information. Taken together, TrackRx is an innovative system which improves upon the standard pill bottle and prescription process with the goal of coming substantially closer to solving the problem of prescription drug adherence and abuse.

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  • Easy WiFi configuration using TI's SmartConfig
  • Estimated 90 days battery life using two AA batteries
  • Tamper evident lid
  • Single dose dispensing
  • PIN based authorization system
  • Tightly integrated design, with custom enclosure and two unique PCBs
  • Near real time adherence data


The code for the TrackRx system is located at the following links:

User's Guide

Information on the design and use of TrackRx, including a sample User Guide, can be found here.