TIIC 2016 North America: Pocket Passive SONAR

University: University of Florida
Team Members: Jacob Eaxterling
TI Parts Used:


  • TMS320F28379s DSP
  • LP38691 3.3V LDO
  • TLV70212DBVR 1.2V LDO
  • LMZ14201h


  • ADS8327 ADC (x4)
  • LMV797 Op Amp(x8)
  • REF2041 Vref (x4)
  • TPS79942 LDO (x4)

Project Description

The Pocket Passive SONAR is a low cost, compact acoustic localization system which can fit inside a small autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The objective of the system is to detect undwerwater signals within the 25k-50kHz band at a distance of 1-300ft. These signals must be recorded above 5x the Nyquist Rate (for DSP algorithms) and must be conditioned for post processing. The system must also be able to calculate the time difference of arrival (TDOA) of the incoming signals with respect to the reference hydrophone (there are 4 hydrophones in the array). This information shall be relayed to the AUV which will help it navigate towards the signal source.

  • Auto Gain Control
  • Low Noise Environment Achieved (0.17mV of noise on ADC reference pin)
  • Software Multipath Countermeasures
  • High Speed Data Acquisition

  • Attached is a zip file which contains all the design files including source code and board layouts

User's Guide

The applications for this product are Search & Rescue, Acoustic Tracking, and the AUV industry as a whole. As an example these systems could be used to blanket the pacific ocean in a mass search pattern to look search for downed aircraft.

System Overview